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Compostable Cosmetic Brush Net

Name: Compostable Cosmetic Brush Net
Feature:100% Biodegradable & Compostable
Material:PBAT+Corn Starch
Model Number: ID-008C
Usage: Protect Brush
Color: White/Customized Color
Size: 12CM (Custom)
Certificate: FDA/SGS/EN13432/BSCI/ASTMD6400
Custom Order: Accept
Supply Ability :200 Ton/Tons per Month 
Lead Time : 1 - 2000k pcs--15days
>2000k pcs--to be negotiated

    Why We Compost?
    The average person throws away seven times their own body weight in waste every year. 
    About 25% of the contents of your bin is kitchen and garden waste.
    These are organic materials that end up in landfill sites where they cause polluting gases.

    Composting is a natural method of both waste disposal and soil fertilisation. 
    Once made, compost can be used to fertilise soil and give it a better structure and moisture retaining properties.
    It can also be used as mulch in order to reduce the growth of weeds.
    Organic materials in landfill are a major source of methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more active than 
    CFC‘s in causing global warming, and also of a black liquid called ‘leachate,‘ which can contaminate water supplies.
    Because it is an alternative to peat, the use of compost can also help to prevent damage to the peat bogs, 
    which are vitally important homes for a wide range of wildlife.

    These are not traditional plastic nets

    The function is the same as plastic net, it is 100% compostable certified by TUV. Certificate number: 7P2234. 

    After composting treatment, it will degrade within 180 days without any pollution for the environment. 

    We are the first factory to produce 100% biodegradable nets in the world!

    Join us to make the earth‘s environment better!

    100% Compostable Flower Protection Net

    Product Features: 
    1.100% compostable bag made of 100% corn starch,PLA & PBAT free of heavy metals and any polyethylene or other non-degradable plastics. 
    2.Certified by European En 13432 certification, OK COMPOST HOME, OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL certification and the United States BPI COMPOSTABLE certification. 
    3.The shelf life is one year, fully compostable 180 days to water, CO2.
    4.Superior puncture, tear & heat resistance.
    5.We provide perfect OEM&ODM custom service.

    100% Compostable guarantee:

    1. You can check the authenticity of our certificate number from the TUV institution. For the finished product, you can randomly pick several products to make the "infrared spectrum" test. This test can be done by many testing companies within the price of 200 USD, the results will be finished within 5 days, compared with the spectrum on our certificate, when the curve is more than 95% identical, the same degradation product as the certificate can be determined.
    2. We will sign an agreement to ensure 100% fully biodegradation. We will be responsible for printing our certificate number on the products.
    You can also distinguish it from plastic products by burning or smelling.

    Please submit your basic information, we will contact you as soon as possible!





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